Gary Goldschneider

Gary Goldschneider (22 May 1939 – 5 October 2019) was a writer, pianist, composer, and personologist. He is known for writing the ''Secret Language'' personological book series, based on astrology, numerology, and tarot, in which he studied and assessed character traits of over 14,000 people to generalize birth characteristics for each day of the year. In addition, Goldschneider has performed several "marathon" piano pieces, such as playing all 32 of Beethoven's sonatas in one sitting. Goldschneider's most successful Beethoven Marathon took place in Amsterdam on August 19, 1984. Attended by an estimated 10.000 people it made front-page headlines all over the country.

On other occasions in Nevada City, California, in 1984, and in Amsterdam in 1985, he performed all of Mozart's sonatas in one sitting. This took approximately six hours. Goldschneider also was a prolific composer. Provided by Wikipedia
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